Today sees the launch of VCCP’s latest campaign for o2: Be More DogGo grab a fistful of tube-stuffs and jam this up your eye sockets:

For the record, our excellent friend @gregorstweet was the brand planner on this. And o2 took some of the think-babies from his über-simian brain and turned them into a video to explain the campaign for thickos (completely unnecessary, but it’s quite nice to see this sort of thing occasionally):

There’s the obligatory website with a mobile-connected game. And a make-your-own dogbombing video generator thing too. Which is fun and will no doubt be popular on the twitters. We hear the posters and press are rather amusing too, so we’ll be looking out for those.

What’s interesting is that the campaign plays in a much bigger park than a lot of other mobile companies’ work. Three’s “Keep On Internetting” from W+K, for example, feels like a funny little subset of “Be More Dog”. 

So obviously we love this. It has dogs in it. We love dogs. And cats. Cats being dogs is a relatively new thing to us, so we like that too. And sticks! STICKS ARE AMAZING. It has interesting thinking inside it and populist work on the outside. It should do well for o2. And as a customer, I’m looking forward to seeing how they recommend I become more dog. Perhaps I’ll take up skateboarding…


Top work VCCP. Top. Work.

One last thing: What with this leftfield campaign, and the weirdly surreal ‘Thinking of You‘ work that ran previously, o2 should now be the ‘wacky’ brand of choice for the public. But there’s something about o2 that still feels very corporate. What is it? Is it Sean Bean? Who knows. What do you think?

How are you feline about this campaign?